Mice to Go Frozen Small Rat 2 Pack The highest quality frozen rodents for feeding of snakes, amphibians, and carnivorous lizards. Our frozen rodents have been. Feeders Frozen Rats Pet Food, Large. Rodents. Price: $ Quantity. Add to cart. Size: Large. Pinky · Pup, 1-count · Large Fuzzy · Weaning · Small. Frozen Feeder XL Rats. Quality frozen rats for Boa Constrictors, Reticulated Pythons, Exotic Cats and carnivirous mammals. 5 Count, Grams. Arctic Mice Frozen Small Rats at PetSmart. Shop all reptile food online. Frozen Jumbo Rats · Live Mouse Hopper. $ Add to cart · Frozen Weaned Rats. $ – $ Select options · Frozen Medium Rats. $ – $

Buy MiceDirect Frozen Feeders Snake Food, Rats, Weanlings, 10 count at zemvlad.ru FREE shipping and the BEST customer service! Frozen feeder rats for pick up near Houston Texas. Buy Feeder rats (from $ pp) including pinkies, pups and small to colossal rats. Guaranteed frozen arrival! $30 per box shipping U.S. High quality reptile feeders, Vacuumed Sealed; frozen rats, frozen mice, frozen ASF, live feeder insects; dubia roaches, red runners, isopods. Opt For Quality. Premium American Perfect Prey Frozen Rats and Mice. Frozen Rodents Ethically-Raised and Professionally Packaged in the USA. Specializing in the production and distribution of premium frozen feeder animals including mice, rats, and more to the reptile and birds of prey community. Premium quality frozen feeder rodents: frozen rats, frozen mice and frozen chicks. The best whole prey food for carnivores, snakes and other reptiles. American Rodent Supply, LLC - Welcome - Frozen Feeder Products - Frozen Mice, Frozen Rats & Frozen Chicks.

Frozen Rodents · Live Feeder Insects · Reptile Diets · Reptile Bedding. Frozen Feeders. Reptile Show Price List ~ Frozen Rodents · Frozen Mice · Frozen Rats. Frozen rats for sale in a huge selection of sizes and quantities, always available for fast shipping. Order Layne Labs frozen feeder rats for your snakes. To feed frozen rats to your pet snake or reptile, follow the same process for feeding it frozen mice. Thaw the prey, then place the rat. 2 Frozen Fuzzy Rats Print this page. All Rats are fed the Mazuri Lab Feed and kept in an indoor climate controlled facility to give you the healthiest mice. Weaned - X-Small Rats · Weight g · Length" - " · Per Bag Frozen Feeder Rats. Looking for a convenient and nutritious option to feed your reptile or birds of prey? Our frozen feeder rats are an excellent choice to meet. We specialize in providing high-quality frozen rodents as food to reptile owners, animal sanctuaries, and breeders across the country. Our selection of frozen. From day-old pinky mice to jumbo rats, Layne Labs provides just the right size frozen mice, frozen rats, and other reptile food for your pets. Layne animals. Reptile Deli Inc. has been producing some of the industry's best feeder rodents for 14 years. Our rodents are grown under stringent conditions and regularly.

Exceptional quality frozen feeder rats. Individually weighed and packaged flat in vacuum-sealed freezer bags. We ship nation-wide. Frozen rats are a healthy, nutritious meal for many pet reptiles, birds of prey and other exotic pets for which they form a staple diet. PLT frozen. Dubi Deli's frozen rats are fed a high quality varied diet. This allows the animal to pick and choose what it needs day to day to maintain a happy, healthy. 50 Rats (25 Rat Fuzzies & 25 Rat Pups) Are you tired of Running. Quick 25 Large Adult Mice Frozen feeder large adult mice are good for newly hatched boas.

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